Where are you From, Lavender?

Lavender Khan: Hey, I’m from Pakistan.

What is it like being editor on the Samurai Shin Team?

Lavender Khan: Okay, first of all, being a Manga editor feels surreal. It’s like I’m living my most favorite dream and for that, I thank Mikel who introduced me to this fam! I saw an anime where the protagonist was a Manga editor, and the first thing I looked up on the Internet was, ‘Manga editor jobs in Japan’. So yeah, I am so excited to be one!


What do you do to recharge your creative batteries?

 Lavender Khan: Watch anime, listen anime songs (currently obsessed with Tenshi No Uta), read books on Wattpad,, write fanfics, obviously read Manga and do similar stuff.

What tools do you use to create Art and what makes them the “right tools” for you?

Lavender Khan: I’m a writer, & the things that I consider tools are my enthusiasm and grip on the story. However, I occasionally do sketching and for that, I simply use pens or pencils. I’d love to improve my drawing skills if I’d get a chance.

Do You Have A Favorite Comic Book Character?’

Lavender Khan: I love Both Batman and Joker. Batman is a legend for me and his character development in the whole series is what I really enjoy. He doesn’t have any superpowers but still has managed to be so badass along with having a really deep back-story. And Joker is the best supervillian who is so iconic and interesting that I cannot help but stay really intrigued by his character till the end of the story.

How Did Get in anime?

Lavender Khan: I used to watch Cartoon Network & loved Pokémon & Dragon Ball Z. Then, my friend introduced me to Manga & Anime, as i considered everything as Cartoons. Naruto was my first favorite Anime and then Bleach. It started from then and now maybe i’ve watched at least half of the anime and still going strong. However, probably this is the reason why I’m getting severe headaches, but i’m proud of myself. Haha

So Lavender, are you Currently Watching Any Anime?

Lavender Khan: Of course, i’m watching NORN9: NORN + NONET and Arcana Famiglia. Besides them, there are two anime that I watch every day because I don’t ever get tired of watching them, so if we count them too, I’m currently watching 4. Just done watching Super Seisyun Brothers and Tears to Tiara.

Off topic question! What favorite kind of music and musical and explain why this person or band is your favorite?

Lavender Khan: Umm, I like music with a good tone & lyrics. I would listen to anything if it has a good music. I never cared about genre, so I don’t even know about it much.

I love J-Pop because it’s original and so diverse. I cannot stick to one genre in this music but my usual attractions are eccentric songs, which are the gist of J-Pop music. It is similar, yet very different than the Western music. My favorite bands are W-inds, ON OFF and U-Kiss, I love their song tones and mainly the music.

What it Like Working On Samurai Shin ?

Lavender Khan: When we’re working on the script, I feel like i’m living in it, which is the best feeling ever. I really adore the whole team. Everyone’s great in here. It’s a lil fam that I’m proud to be a part of.
We’ve all met very talented newcomers who are trying to get their first professional projects. What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard given to a promising new creator?

Lavender Khan: Just work hard and there’ll come a day when you’ll be given the opportunity to live your dream. I never thought i’ll be able to get to this position this quick, but i’m blessed to do this in my academic period. I mean, it might be normal for people living in abroad, but in Pakistan, you can’t just work when you’re a student because of the studies. I followed my heart, put a lot more effort in my work and here I am, living the life I thought I’ll enjoy after getting my degree. So, it’s all about your dream & hardwork, which pays off in the end. Everyone tells you the same thing. Polish your skills & let the opportunity knock on your door!

Before We End This Interview Would You Like Share Some of Your Social Links?

Lavender Khan: My twitter handle is @khuxeymah & Facebook link is