“I think Hip-Hop is in the most interesting and eclectic era its even been. The rules have been blurred and experimentation seems rampant, but at the same time piggy backing off of popular styles is at an all time high” – Xia-Dawn

Where are you from?
Xia- Dawn: Miami, Florida. Specifically Dade-County.


Who influenced your style?
Xia-Dawn: As far as production there’s a number of them ranging from the OG’s the newer cats. From Nujabes, and J Dilla to Eestbound, and Wondagurl. For rapping I’d say my top 5 are Lupe Fiasco, Blu, Eyedea, Open Mike Eagle, and Big L.

Who Your Favorite Producer Growing Up?
Xia-Dawn: I’d probably have to go with Alchemist. His combination of dirty, gritty sample work, and soulful punch just aligned with me. I always resonated with darker compositions that were more than just drab atmospheric templates. The ones that could touch your soul or make you reminisce about the past. That’s what I felt Alch always provided me, and still provides.

How do you separate yourself from other artists?
Xia-Dawn: I’ve always taken pride in chopping samples differently then others, and experimenting in the multitude of ways I can manipulate sound. Like chopping tracks with heavy drums or a lot of other sounds in the way is something I practice a lot.

What Your Favorite Hip Hop Album & Track Of All Time?
Xia-Dawn: My favorite album would probably be Eyedea’s “By The Throat” and my favorite track is definitely Blu’s “Amnesia”.

So, what are your thoughts on the current state of the game?
I think Hip-Hop is in the most interesting and eclectic era its even been. The rules have been blurred and experimentation seems rampant, but at the same time piggy backing off of popular styles is at an all time high. I’m enjoying it to be honest. I think we’re coming to an age where people are becoming more honest with their music due to the advancement of society and the freedom of the internet. Of course if you just sit and listen the radio you’d never know that, but when has that ever been the case. If you want to here new exciting music you’ve always had to look for it. Now its even easier.

Who do you want to work with in the future?
Xia-Dawn: I’d absolutely wanna work with some of my idols, but one person in particular I’d love to share a creative process with is Quelle Chris. I think he’s one of the most bizarre minds in the game. I’d love to be a part of his approach to music.

What Was Like Working On “Brand New Day” off Samurai Shin OST 1?
Xia-Dawn: I actually made the track in about an hour. I heard the sample, decided to chop it up in to a track. Originally I didn’t even like it. I just kept adding and changing things till I felt it was to my standards. My main focus was trying to fit the overall theme while fusing the new with the old. Personally I’m not too crazy about the track, but I think it came out ok.

Who Your Favorite Comic Book Character and Why?
Xia-Dawn: Batman! I love his calm decisive mentality. His dark, and even, brutal approach to tackling injustice everywhere, and his ability to push his physical body, and mind to their absolute limits. So much so that he’s able to keep up with planetary or universal beings like Superman. I also love the fact that he’s always thinking about the next step, never limitating himself to the status quo. But at the same time constantly reliving his past every waking moment.

Whats Your Favorite Anime Series?
Xia-Dawn: Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

How Did You Get Into Anime?
Xia-Dawn: When I was a kid I’d used to watch it on TV without knowing that it was an eastern cartoon. As cartoons were just cartoons to me at the time. Things like Dragon Ball (Z, GT), Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, and many more. When I got to middle school and friend of mine educated me that I was watching anime, and he then introduced me to manga. He gave a Lucky Star DVD and some other manga and the rest is history.

Any future projects your working on ?
Xia-Dawn: I have mixtape titled “Nephilim” coming out this month, and a sequel to the beat tape I released on Valentine’s day called “henta1 SP 4 luv 2” coming out next month.

Would You Like To Give Shoutout To The Fans?
Xia-Dawn: I’d like to give a shout out to all the new people I’ve gotten to interact with in the past 2 months! I’m humbled by your continued support!