“The game is exciting right now, in all honesty.  I wouldn’t even consider myself in it yet but there’s a lot of crazy artists goin in right now” – Jaymin Warren

Where are you from?

Jaymin Warren: London, Ontario CA


Who influenced your style?

Jaymin Warren: I started listening mostly to east coast MCs like Nas, Wu Tang, Mos Def.  I would say that J Cole made me want it for real.

Who Your Favorite Producer Growing Up?

Jaymin Warren: Probably Kanye or RZA

What Does It Mean to be Jaymin Warren?

Jaymin Warren: Being Jaymin Warren means a lot of mistakes, and pretty much stumbling on your path till something works.

How do you separate yourself from other artists?

Jaymin Warren: I keep an attitude in my approach.  I am the best to ever do it so I gotta flaunt all I learned at a great depth, high intensity, and then some humility in the craft, I’m grateful for an outlet to flex myself.

What Your Favorite Hip Hop Album & Track Of All Time?

Jaymin Warren: Favourite album has gotta be Born Sinner, that’s the one that started the hunger.  Track is a lot harder, it depends on the audience and vibe you want to reach.  I’ll go with Heard ‘Em Say by Kanye West.

So, what are your thoughts on the current state of the game?

Jaymin Warren: The game is exciting right now, in all honesty.  I wouldn’t even consider myself in it yet but there’s a lot of crazy artists goin in right now, despite any whack artists.  A lot of individual lanes forming, I’m expecting quite a bit in its current state.

Who do you want to work with in the future?

Jaymin Warren: I aspire to be a team player in the Hip Hop world.  I want to work with anyone and everyone that wants to create something special.  More specifically I’d like to work with Chill Squad, some other artists on the Samurai Shin soundtrack.

What Was Like Working On “Boy With A Sword” off Samurai Shin OST 1?

Jaymin Warren:Very fun.  The first song I tried to do was rejected by the producer so I set up more of a banger in my opinion.


Who Your Favourite Comic Book Character and Why?

Jaymin Warren: Probably Peter Parker, I’m sure must nerds growing up related to Spiderman.  The whole power up and get the girl message resonated with me just as much as great power comes with great responsibility.

Whats Your Favorite Anime Series?

Jaymin Warren: When it comes to anime I’m torn since DBZ is such a classic.  Putting that aside I’d say Hunter X Hunter, one of the most in-depth combat-oriented anime I’ve been able to enjoy.

How Did You Get Into Anime ?

Jaymin Warren: I was drawn to it since I saw Kiki’s Delivery Service, plus I was a huge Yu-Gi-Oh fan since the first grade.  It was always in the plan, it seems.

Would You Like To Give Shoutout To The Fans ?

Jaymin Warren: For sure.  A special thanks to every single one, the fact that you guys exist gives me a boost to keep grinding.  It’s all about the love.