“I usually stick to a few different musical realms when it comes to what I create” – Kuro Silence

So, where are you from?

Kuro Silence: I’m from all over I’ve lived on the east and west coasts of America, but most of my life I’ve lived in Baltimore, MD


How did you get into music?

Kuro Silence: I’ve always loved music honestly. My parents always had something playing when I was younger and that cultivated my ear for music. They also exposed me to many different genres and never let me get rooted in just one. I also spent alot of time in my neighborhood where music was everywhere, even the kids at lunch in elementary school would do little raps and stuff. So it kinda started there, but I didn’t get serious until my dad got me into music production and rapping in high school, back in 10th grade.

Describe your sound?

Kuro Silence: I usually stick to a few different musical realms when it comes to what I create. Most of the time when I’m producing I try to create emotion in my works and I almost try to create a scene with my sound. When I’m writing though, I focus on my lyrical content, vocal inflections, tone, mood, and subject matter. I try to create songs that vibe and can be chill, but I also put a message behind it. No matter how mind numbing the subject or content may seem, I always always, always give something thought provoking. I never let my listeners finish one of my projects like “oh yeah that bumps” and leave it at just that. I make sure that everything I do is next level and I constantly work to improve and get better.


What It Like Working On The “Samurai Shin OST (Original Soundtrack) with Mikel Miles?

Kuro Silence: Oh, it’s been awesome. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to help build a brand new piece of content up and help finish such a body of work. We’ve been going over the art, concepts, and sounds just making everything perfect. I can’t wait until the entire project releases, but please know we’ve got a ton of work yet to release.

So I See You Worked On Your Own Free Album Called “Ab-Thought” Explain How What was it Like Doing Project Like?

Kuro Silence: Ab-thought. Geez, that was literally a labor of love. The project is all instrumental, except for the second half of the last song. However it does have a story behind it. I created the album based on my past relationships. The album is basically varying stages of a breakup, and going through the process afterwards. Every track is titled after a stage, statement, or thought I’ve had/been through. The end is the final stage, acceptance. Wherein I have a few lines about what happened in the relationship and how I’m now over it. It was a very therapeutic project and process for me.


Listen Here: Kuro Silence – Kid (Soundcloud Stream)

Kid Vs KD-Thoughts What Project of yours is better and why?

My personal favorite project of mine is Lately. Because of just the vibe and the energy of it. However Kid as a body of work is more complete and better as a whole.

What are your goals in the music industry?

Kuro Silence: My goals? Art. I literally just want to make art. I want whatever I create to help someone. I want to be the person that emulates all your feelings and puts them into art to help them feel better. I also want to shed light on areas that aren’t seen too much in this industry. You know, most rappers who speak on violence give one of two perspectives. Either “I’m the unapologetic gangster who don’t care.” Or “I got dudes who’ll put you away if you play with me.” Now I do create stuff like that and touch on those issues, but I try and give a different perspective. I show my audience that, yeah that dude is definitely a gangster, but he’s a person too. You know, I mean as hard, tough, or whatever he is, he has feelings too, he has family too, and he feels pain too. I’ve been around that stuff and those people, so I know their stories, I know their pain. So if they won’t show it, I will. I also try to show people why they act like they do, that this situation is all they know. So who can really blame them? That’s why I make music, to tell the stories of and to show the world I live in and around.

Whats your Favorite anime ?

Kuro Silence: I honestly don’t have a favorite anime. I love anime I just can’t pick which one is my favorite, because I like so many different aspects of different anime. However, the anime I’m following really closely this season are “Interviews With Monster Girls” mostly because it’s kinda easy and pretty entertaining, “Masamune Kun’s Revenge” because I’m enjoying the spin on the standard trying to get a girl to fall in love with you story, and “Chaos Child” because I’ve been waiting so long for a season 2 of “Chaos Head.” If I’m talking influences though my favorites are those toonami anime, I grew up on that. Toonami and adults swim. So my favoritism extends out there too.

Your Favorite Anime Character and Why?

Kuro Silence: Revy, from black lagoon, followed by Michiko: Michiko e Hatchin then Yusuke friggin Urameshi.


So I Heard One Of your Favorite Anime Is “Samurai Champloo” Describe How You Got Into This Show and What Influenced You About It?

Kuro Silence: Whew I got put on by my homie Zae Abyss, no that’s not his real name (it’s his artist name) but that was before I was even doing music. I was an old school boom bap head back then and I had stumbled upon this dude named Nujabes, the first song I’d heard from him was spirals, I think. But when my homie put me on I found out Nujabes did the soundtrack and I instantly fell in love with the series. I’m actually hoping they do like a movie or something cause I’d love to contribute to the project.

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