“stay consistent and focused what are you doing, stay humble with everyone and keep learning from everything” – Sukma Agustriyana

Where are you From, Sukma
Sukma : I’m from Indonesia.

What do you do to recharge your creative batteries?
Sukma : I usually sleep, watch movies, read manga and play games


Art work created by: Sukma  Agustriyana

What tools do you use to create Art and what makes them the “right tools” for you?

Sukma : I do digitally and traditional illustration, for digital I’m using manga studio for the lines and photoshop for painting and finishing images
but for traditional I usually made an inked artwork or pencil hatched illustration.

Who Was Your first Character that you Illustrated?
Sukma : i dont really remember it but, its between doraemon or son goku from dragonball.


Do You Have A Favorite Anime Character?’
Sukma : Usopp from one piece, i like him because its only him in mugiwara who can draw.. haha

How Did Got Into Anime Art?
A : I started drawing from 6 or 7 years old…. but I became more focus on drawing since in college..

So Sukma, are you Currently Watching any Anime shows?
Sukma : yes, I’m currently waching Gundam Iron blooded orphans and One Piece series.

Off topic question! What favorite kind of music and musical and explain why this person is your favorite?
A : its classical and rock, for the playlist i choose ikimonogakari and abingdon boy school..

What it Like Working On Samurai Shin ?
Sukma : it’s an awesome experience being worked with talented people from all over the world.

We’ve all met very talented newcomers who are trying to get their first professional projects. What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard given to a promising new creator?

Sukma : stay consistent and focused what are you doing, stay humble with everyone and keep learning from everything.

Before We End This Interview Would You Like Share Some of Your Social Links?
Sukma : yeah, sure here we go

Thank You Sukma for making this blog interview happen!