“for the Chill $quad, We grew with each other. always tried to better our selves. Make the most impactful music as we could while retain to our roots of the skill full old schoool” – MIKE MOOKIE from Chill $QUAD

Where Are You Guys From?

ZEPPO & DOUBLE PROFIT:  We Are From Durham Region Canada

MIKE MOOKIE: I was born in North York General. Newfie and Jamaican decent

Who Influence Your Styles?

DOUBLE PROFIT: Classic 90’s hiphop from Gangstarr and Rakim to Nas and Biggie. Alot of East Coast. But I also group up listening to soul music and jazz so thats a big influence as well

ZEPPO: Jay-z, Nas, Wu-Tang, MF DOOM, Common, Redman, Portishead i would say

Mike Mookie: from John Coltrane to, Snoop & Nate Dogg. I love hip hop and Funk. Jonny Cash brings out the bad ass in me while Teddy Pendergrass brings me back to my soul. Don’t forget Rakim!

What Does Chill $quad Mean You and How was this group created ?
MIKE MOOKIE: for the Chill $quad, We grew with each other. always tried to better our selves. Make the most impactful music as we could while retain to our roots of the skill full old schoool.. One can only learn from the past and either fall or rise. I say we continued and brought back the essence of Hip Hop.

Who Your Favorite Producer Growing Up?

DOUBLE PROFIT: Dr.Dre, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Madlib, J Dilla, Large Professor, Easy Mo Bee, and so much more

ZEPPO: Dj Premier, Alchemist, Pete Rock, Just Blaze, Rza & J.Dilla

How do I separate myself from other artists?

DPCITY PROFIT: I think that it’s the content, and subject matter, as well as we all take the art of hip hop more serious than alot of artists in the mainstream. We bring originality on the lyrics side, and a refreshing classic hip hop feel on the production side.

MIKE MOOKIE: I’ve loved hip hop from the day of time… I didn’t have bars at all. But Rakim said that he flowed like a sax player. and i listened to his flows and tried to replay his flow with the sax.

ZEPPO: I write what I like..TRULY…I give little to no fucks if you like my content or not…& I try and speak it a lil differently.


What Your Favorite Hip Hop Album & Track Of All Time ?

DOUBLE PROFIT: Hard to answer, I have so many favourites. Today I’ll say Aquemini for album. And for track I’ll say Moment of Truth by Gangstarr (RIP Guru)

ZEPPO: Maybe between Common – One Day It Will All Make Sense & RZA – Bobby Digital & The Miseducation of Lauren Hill

So, what are your thoughts on the current state of the game?

DOUBLE PROFIT: Over saturated with mediocrity because of a capitalist corporate mentality. But the internet is an equalizer, and now you can find your own audience and control your career more than ever. So you take the good with the bad.

ZEPPO: The diversity on popular radio sucks but the underground will always survive…we just gotta stay more true to that. I love all types and genres or artist & music so I can’t really say. I think creativity and imagination is kind of lost or maybe confused with this sense of uniformity in success. I do think that a fusion of old & new is necessary, but it’s all in how it’s used.

MIKE MOOKIE:  lets say that it went down hill.. and now the populous to me feels like they want good music again. Original factors. but with their new style of twists. I dig it, but it doesn’t always means the right path for new music should be restricted to a formula.


Who do you want to work with in the future?

ZEPPO: MF DOOM mostly..umm…Alchemist, Primo, Da$h, Portishead, The Rza & Raekwon

DOUBLE PROFIT: Just talented people with good taste, people that inspire me.

MIKE MOOKIE: To me I would like to work with Scott Paddock from Baltimore. One of my personal favorite Saxophonists of this generation. Dude is brilliant when it comes to training and techniques. Great clarity and a humble man who gives great advice and tips to all players.

What Was Like Working On “Stay On Point” off Samurai Shin OST 1?

MIKE MOOKIE: was actually such a ninja movement to me! lol. I was told about the track. had my sax and noone was around and just recorded in. Double profit and I did if i remember correctlty 2 takes.. he told me to just feel it and BECOME ONE WITH THE MOOD. The take was recorded in one shot! really proud of that track.

ZEPPO: Mad chill…right up our alley. We love that type of samurai shit. The images from the comic were fuel enough.

DOUBLE PROFIT: It was fun, and easy. Was an honor to be a part of something dope like this.


Who Your Favourite Comic Book Character and Why?

MIKE MOOKIE: I like LOBO.. Superman was the L 7 to me… lol i like a badass character who has his own agenda. and whats better then a dude with a Chopper. chains.. and muscle to bash hater with… heheh. But don’t get me wrong.. The Joker is the master mind of plans to me.

DOUBLE PROFIT: I have so many, but Batman was always my favourite since a kid. Now that I’m older I respect the character more because he’s been re-invented so much, but maintained the core values and he doesn’t need super powers to be a super hero.

ZEPPO: Batman – He is the best superhero money can buy…as well as he’s got this whole Chuck Norris thing about him where he’s pretty much the Answer.

Would You Like To Give Shoutout To The Fans ?

ZEPPO: Everyone who supports us & this incredible project. Peace to my brothers in the $quad & Family and shit. Shout out to the peeps involved with Samurai Shin for the ill opportunity.

DOUBLE PROFIT: Yeah, I wanna give a shout out to any and everybody that goes out there way to support dope art and content. Anybody that encourages creativity and inspires greatness. Everybody has something to offer. So thank you for appreciating our offering. Peace.

MIKE MOOKIE: With the love and interaction I heard from them. gives me strength. The wifey Olivia Seymour of course. and all the good cats.  ALL THE CHILL $QUAD!!!(Double Profit, The Zeppo, 1008professor, BOOM, Rusty Bridges,  Conroc.)  ES, Nur Konnect, Emerson Smith! Harbour Sharks, Gene ONE, Sadie Marquis,  Lance “LG” Gray.

Shout Out to everyone who listens to the Real music.
Thank you for the Interview Chill $quad Support Samurai Shin OST 1