Mikel Miles is the creator of Samurai Shin, a dope new comic book series that is poised to make an impact in the comic book world. There isn’t much representation of Black people or Hip-Hop culture in the anime world, but Miles blends the worlds by incorporating Afro-Asian characters into his comic, as well as offering a nice laid back Hip-Hop soundtrack for your listening pleasure while you read. This episode is an interesting look into the creative process of someone creating something totally new from the ground up, and is definitely a must listen for anyone who is trying to do the same.

The music featured in this episode is from the Samurai Shin OST, which as available at samuraishincomics.wordpress.com.

Purchase issues of Samurai Shin at peepgamecomix.com. Keep up with everything Samurai Shin including new trailers, issues, music, and more at samuraishincomics.wordpress.com. Follow Samurai Shin on Twitter twitter.com/sshincomics.

Warning: Mikel was nervous in his first podcast interview so stay in tune

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