Animator Kynan Justis Discusses His Work On Animation Trailer For The Upcoming Comic Book  Series “Samurai Shin”

The thing I love most about animation is sort of two-fold. First, it’s a great medium for storytelling, which is something  I’ve been drawn to since I was a kid – Kynan Justis

Val Complex: When did you decide that making animation is your Passion?

Kynan: I really got into animation back in 2010 when I found I bought a cheap graphics tablet and got my first copy of Flash back then, but I didn’t get serious about it until the end of 2014. Seeing content creators like Egoraptor and professionally done stuff like Studio Ghibli films and Fullmetal Alchemist also really inspired me to get started with animation as a hobby.

Val Complex: What Do You Love Most About Being Animator? The Least?

Kynan: The thing I love most about animation is sort of two-fold. First, it’s a great medium for storytelling, which is something  I’ve been drawn to since I was a kid. Second, you have the option of doing things with animation that aren’t at all possible with live action stuff, or at least not as easy. For example, I could animate a character who flies around and shoots fireballs without the need for ropes or special FX software. All of it can really be done with just a pencil and paper, which is really cool to me.

Val Complex: Where Are You From?
Kynan: I’m from the US and have lived most of my life in Missouri. Most of my family is actually from the mid-west, too.
Val Complex: How Long Have You Been Involved In Animation?
Kynan: I’ve been seriously involved in animation since the end of 2014, but technically I started back in 2010.
Val Complex: Whats Your Favorite Anime ?
Kynan: My favorite anime is definitely Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I seriously admire the character design and overall art style of the show and the story alone is just amazing to me. It’s one of those shows that even people who aren’t typically anime fans will enjoy.
Val Complex: Whats It LIke Working With Mikel & Ivan ?
Kynan: Working with Mikel. M and Ivan. A has been fairly challenging, but very rewarding. This project is the most difficult one I’ve worked on and I really feel like it’s helping me improve my skills. Mikel has been great at organizing the whole thing and spreading the word and Ivan’s art has just been awesome to work with. I’m glad to be a part of the team!
Val Complex: how did you and featured artist decided on the particulars of the artwork? How did it help your vision?
Kynan: All of the artwork for the comic was actually done by Ivan as far as I know, so really the challenge was just adapting it to something that could be animated. Once I finished the rough layout of the trailer, I passed the sketched backgrounds off to the comic artist for coloring and all the while Mikel sort of acted as the director of it all. He would approve things or make changes and that’s sort of how the whole process went.
Val Complex: What were some of the difficulties or challenges you experienced while creating this animation?
Kynan: Again, the biggest challenge was adapting the comic book art into the animation style. Doing something where actual human anatomy was
necessary was a large part of that, but it was certainly something I needed to overcome as an artist and I feel like it has helped me improve
Val Complex: Where do you hope to see the success of. Samurai Shin a year from now?
Kynan: Over the next year, I hope to see the successful release of the trailer and the first chapter of the comic. Hopefully, more chapters will
be released by then too. As long as people continue to support the project I think that’s a very real possibility.
Val Complex: Can you Provide any advice for those looking to write for independent comic book and animation companies ?
Kynan: I don’t have much advice on how to break into industry cause I haven’t yet myself, but it’s always good to keep a log of all your work and don’t. be afraid to share it with people! You never know who might come across it.
Val Complex: What Can Fans expect From You Personally in the future?
Kynan: Personally, I’m working on an original cartoon right now about a guy who decides to become a superhero. Once my work for Samurai Shin is done, I’ll be going back to working on that. You can check the progress of the stuff I’m working on by following me on Twitter kftoons or by following me on Tumblr at Also, I’m always open to collaborate on stuff.
Val Complex: Do You Guys have a Release Date For The Full Animation?
Kynan: Yes everything Comics , Soundtrack & Animation should be released By September.
Val Complex: Thank you for your time  kynan and good luck!
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The Full Animation, Comic Book & Soundtrack All Be Released By September